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The Start

The serene acreage of Melan Farm was purchased in 2005 by Andy and Melody Orvin.

By 2007, a beautiful 12-acre pond had been created, around which numerous family gatherings would be held, countless fish would be caught, and cherished memories would be made. The pond remained largely encompassed by trees until September 2017 when the vision for a wedding venue was hatched. Construction began soon after in October.

The crown jewel of the property, the large closed-in barn, was built almost completely by Andy and Jordan. They stood the walls, set the trusses, hand crafted each of the doors and windows, and finished out the entire barn in beautiful tongue and groove wood.
After a seven-month labor of love, the Orvins opened their doors in April 2018 for the barn’s first wedding. Since then, the barn has seen many gorgeous wedding ceremonies and housed various events, such as birthday celebrations, charity galas, and corporate retreats.

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